First of all, Nhat Minh company would like to send greetings to customers.

- Founded in 2014, the company specializes in providing Nhat Minh furniture designed exclusively for children. Nhat Minh committed to giving children a childhood facilities, safe and filled with color.

- Nanakids is a trademark belonging to Nhat Minh company, always at the forefront of the furniture products neonatal room, bedroom, study and play corner corner safety and quality. Nanakids hope the people you travel with parents on their successful path.

- With good infrastructure, systems experienced personnel, products not only meet each other Nanakids domestic demand but exports rose reach the most demanding markets: Japan, US, and European countries Europe.

- With the desire to bring the best products to our customers, we always adhere to the principle:

  • Quality America
  • PU unleaded
  • Raw materials: selection, clear origin, FSC certified wood cleaner
  • Reasonable price
  • Delivery on time
  • Continuously improve product quality
  • The best service

- With factory located in Binh Duong, Nhat Minh factory is one of the leading units in Vietnam specializing in producing children's furniture exclusive commitment to the quality of design in Europe and America.

- At present, Nhat Minh company extended agents nationwide, with incentives such as:

  • Best discount for tiered dealer.
  • Commitment to product quality and exclusive Nanakids
  • Was put on the list of German agents distributing Vietnamese company website.
  • And many attractive incentives other.

Nhat Minh company are looking forward to cooperating with you.